Saturday, November 22, 2008

Ignite Your Soul

So a here's a little update for all of you out there. Sorry it's a little late but we hope you all enjoy. Two weekends ago found us, yet again, riding in Tiny Jim. (We all miss Roxanne the van greatly and wish we could have her back). The ride wasn't too stressful though because of the fact that our destination was only about an hour north of our home here in Lincoln. Friday night found us outside a small town called Fremont, NE at a Christian youth retreat called the Ignite Retreat. We quickly set up our sound system, and that night did a praise set, which was a great time because of the wonderful energy everyone had. Afterward we played a concert for them as well. Saturday we got to judge a talent competition they had at the retreat. A bunch of the attendees sang, played instrumentals, gave speeches, or demonstrated other talents for us to judge. The winners were then given a performance that night in front of everyone. There were some very talented kids there and it was a great time listening to all of their performances. Hopefully we weren't too hard on them. :) That night we played an energetic praise set, and did some originals for them. The speaker for the weekend gave a sermon, then we played some more songs afterward, and, we got an encore! Now if that isn't exciting. Afterward we got to hang out with the kids a bunch and had a great time talking to them and getting to know them more. Sunday we all piled back into Tiny Jim and he did a good job of carrying us back home to Lincoln. We were all pumped after such an amazing weekend jumping around on stage, hearing kids perform great songs, making new friends, and playing encores! I think even Tiny Jim enjoyed the weekend with our destination being closer than usual for him. Thank you everyone for your great support and we hope to see you guys in the near future, :) . Thank you for all of your prayers, and have a great day.


Thursday, October 9, 2008

Maplewood & Le Mars

Salutations to all!! This is a belated update of what we have been doing. Two weekends ago found The Cause on the road again. We hadn't done much after ending the summer tour, so it was exciting to be headed out to play music again. Our destination was Maplewood Academy in Hutchinson, MN to play for a youth rally they were hosting. The riding situation was a little less tasteful though. Instead of being able to relax and recline in the van Roxanne, we five found ourselves stuck in Tiny Jim (Lance's vehicle, a GMC Jimmy). We actually touched each other because the space was so limited...and no...I didn't embrace the idea thrown out there that it would just help us bond better. No more bonding please! But we got to MN without any mechanical issues and that was a blessing. The only thing was, when we arrived, everything was dark and locked up. Hmm. As Kade, our sound technician, contemplated removing the window screen from the guys dorm, the head dean appeared and asked us if there was a problem. We assured him there was none, and that we were just five lowly college boys looking for some warm blankets. So we got settled in, and went to bed. Sabbath morning we went to church and later that afternoon set up our soundsystem in the local Hutchinson Park where the meetings for the youth rally had been taking place. We did a concert that evening and want to give a big shoutout to the youth from Maplewood, Minnetonka, and the surrounding area!!! Ya'll rocked and it was really fun seeing you get into the music and being able to join in with you. That night, we sold our first CD's and posters! Exciting should probably buy one if you haven't already. :)

Midday Sunday found us on our way towards the Assembly of God Church in Le Mars, IA. This would be our second time to open for the band Remedy Drive, who is promoting their new CD Daylight. We got to the church before they did, and on the way, Hiroshi's hand was stung by a yellowjacket. He pushed through the pain though becuase he's a warrior. The church had tons of assistants to help bring in instruments and all the gear, so set up went quickly. We bairly were able to get a sound check before doors opened at 6:00pm. It was estimated there were between 350 and 400 in attendance for the evening. The countdown began and we took the stage. It was a lot of fun playing and thanks to all ya'll who came to our table afterwards and talked to us. Christian music fans are so cool! Thanks to ya'll who supported us and bought some merch're awesome. Hope you were blessed.

That night we drove back to Lincoln through one of the best/worst lightning/rain storms I've ever been in. It was so hardcore that Little Jimmy's left wiper broke off track and started to fling itself off the windshield on the left side of the vehicle. This presented a problem, but Lance did a good job of getting us back to Lincoln all in one piece.

The weekend was memorable and more fun than a barrel of monkeys. Hope to be coming to your neighborhood very soon. Someone should work on that!! :) Peace.

- michae

Thursday, August 28, 2008

iTunes and More

iTunes and More

Here for a Reason will be available on iTunes (US, UK, Canada, Australia) within 6 weeks as well as amazonmp3, Rhapsody, Napster, eMusic and LALA. If you are looking for ringtones, you will of course be able to make them on iTunes, but you will also be able to find them directly from your cell phone provider.

If you can't wait 6 months, you can download the album in an iPod friendly format from our online store right now!

Summer’s End: the Blog...

..playing music from Maine to Seattle to Oklahoma with many places in between. Driving all these places to equal about 16,000 Miles and playing music for hundreds of people in all these places with stories at every camp, school, church, youth group, coffeshop, and any other kind of place including Roxanne (the van) with the many hours-upon-hours riding in her with everyone doing anything from listening to music to sleeping to talking on the phone to talking about anything and everything, jamming out to songs on the radio with water bottles, my back stratcher, and our hands hitting anything that'll make noise... all the people that have been our friends for years and all the new friends and fans that have come into our lives for a moment or a lifetime... All these great memories and with a great time in the recording studio to make our first full length album together as The Cause earlier in the summer has given each of us a Summer that none of us will ever forget and will think about often I am sure.

At the beginning of the Summer I remember talking with the guys about how when you embark on a time like this, especially while doing it for God, you cannot come out of it unchanged and transformed in some way... And I believe we have experienced that. We are more determined, more inspired for music and the ministry that God has given us with it, and the words we speak during and after Worships and shows. We know God has called, we desire to answer and we look forward to the future of His Cause and how we can be a part of it.

We thank you for being on this journey with us and look forward to meeting you when we are out in about whenever our paths cross. Till then, I hope you stay in touch.


Wednesday, August 27, 2008

See Our New Ad

See Our New Ad

Outlook Ad CaptureWe have a new ad in the September edition of Outlook Magazine on page 31. Check out the online PDF version to see it or click on the thumbnail to the left to see a bigger version.

We want to say a big "THANK YOU" to our friends at Outlook for supporting our ministry - we appreciate everything you have done!

-The Cause Team

The Cause Opens for Remedy Drive

The Cause Opens for Remedy Drive

The Cause + Remedy Drive 8-26-08 047Tonight the band had the honor of sharing the stage with another Lincoln band by the name ofRemedy Drive who recently signed with Word Records.

The Cause and The 5000 Music Group want to say a big "THANKS" to Remedy Drive for letting us be a part of their album release show. Be sure to check out their new album "Daylight is Coming" soon.

Login to The Cause Crowd to see more pictures from The Cause playing at tonight's show.

- The Cause Team