Monday, April 6, 2009

Really Excited for Club 3 Degrees in Minneapolis!

Really Excited for Club 3 Degrees in Minneapolis!Greetings Friends!

Time has come for another tour and if you haven't been paying attention May is coming together quite enjoyably for us :)

We have another awesome opportunity to play with a band that we really appreciate: DecembeRadio. They have the hit song right now "Drifter" and if you haven't listened to them before, i'm sure you would love to. We are also playing with Sevenglory, a band I haven't know as much about but am also truly falling for. When we play together May 15, they both will have just been getting done touring with the Newsboys. Pretty awesome stuff...

So if you are anywhere in the area, please come for an enjoyable night of music for the glory of God!

If you do end up coming, you can buy tickets from us, so contact us through myspace here or send us an email at:

Thanks, and we will see you soon ;)