Saturday, November 22, 2008

Ignite Your Soul

So a here's a little update for all of you out there. Sorry it's a little late but we hope you all enjoy. Two weekends ago found us, yet again, riding in Tiny Jim. (We all miss Roxanne the van greatly and wish we could have her back). The ride wasn't too stressful though because of the fact that our destination was only about an hour north of our home here in Lincoln. Friday night found us outside a small town called Fremont, NE at a Christian youth retreat called the Ignite Retreat. We quickly set up our sound system, and that night did a praise set, which was a great time because of the wonderful energy everyone had. Afterward we played a concert for them as well. Saturday we got to judge a talent competition they had at the retreat. A bunch of the attendees sang, played instrumentals, gave speeches, or demonstrated other talents for us to judge. The winners were then given a performance that night in front of everyone. There were some very talented kids there and it was a great time listening to all of their performances. Hopefully we weren't too hard on them. :) That night we played an energetic praise set, and did some originals for them. The speaker for the weekend gave a sermon, then we played some more songs afterward, and, we got an encore! Now if that isn't exciting. Afterward we got to hang out with the kids a bunch and had a great time talking to them and getting to know them more. Sunday we all piled back into Tiny Jim and he did a good job of carrying us back home to Lincoln. We were all pumped after such an amazing weekend jumping around on stage, hearing kids perform great songs, making new friends, and playing encores! I think even Tiny Jim enjoyed the weekend with our destination being closer than usual for him. Thank you everyone for your great support and we hope to see you guys in the near future, :) . Thank you for all of your prayers, and have a great day.